How to say “no” to a piece of this “buche” by the end of Christmas dinner in France ? This is somehow cruelty, especially during those Christmas holidays. And that’s exactly why we, at the integrative lab, recommend that you stop dieting during this celebration season but also after.

This period is not about restriction at all, if you look back, beginning of the year is about New Year’s resolutions including losing weight (top 10 on the list), then you might have to get bikini-body ready for the following months til you get to have those pictures on summer time so, when is the time to eat, drink and chill without feeling guilty ?

Keep in your mind, that’s exactly the mindset marketers are expecting you to be into by the beginning of the year so they can better reach you for buying those miracle solutions for losing weight or “clean-eating” through cleansing or selling a bikini-body guide thingy, if you want consistent results then you need to make long-term consistent efforts.

End-of-year holidays need to be prepared ahead : we mean, you should prepare your mental for this so you don’t restrict yourself during this period of time, so you don’t feel frustrated or guilty while eating this very good “Noix de Saint-Jacques” meal or drinking this good champagne and so you don’t look for any magical solutions afterward : the D O M I N O effect.

Remember, #cleaneating doesn’t mean anything and those fitness inspo-like pictures on social media are only here to sell you something : a bikini, a diet plan, a fitness outfit, etc ; and those employed to do that are only doing their job…

We were trying to look for a fat person eating turkey to advertise Christmas dinner online but couldn’t find any, we’re still on it but meanwhile, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS - JOYEUX NOËL and definitely enjoy those holidays surrounded by your beloved ones and this beloved boozy food !!!!

If you happen to get any leftovers, keep in mind some homeless would be very happy to eat your boozy food, because sharing is also caring.

We were not trying to promote unhealthy habits through overeating or overdrinking but recommending you to enjoy Christmas holidays as it is supposed to be done…